The Do Not Call List is for residential, wireless or VOIP telephone numbers or prepaid wireless numbers used primarily in Indiana. Registration is provided FREE of charge to Indiana residents. Please complete this form using your personal information as it appears on your phone bill. Registrations on the Indiana Do Not Call list do not expire. It is not necessary to re-register or update your registration unless you have moved or your information has changed.
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  Please contact me by email on anything concerning Indiana Telephone Privacy.
  If you receive your Mail at a PO Box, please enter it.
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If you move, you must notify the Attorney General's Office of your new address and phone number.

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Being placed on the Telephone Privacy List will eliminate most telemarketing calls, but it will not eliminate all telemarketing calls. Under Indiana law, certain groups may still contact you. They include: insurance agents, realtors, newspapers, and most charities. If you receive a call which does not meet this criteria, you may file a complaint online or call 1-888-834-9969 to request a complaint form.


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